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Real Estate Investing

Turn Key REI

I’m new to this, or just don’t have the time but want to buy my own rental property and start/progress my real estate journey.

Bring Me Off Market Deals

I know what I’m doing. Help me with that killer deal so I'm not competing against everyone else on MLS.

Passive Investing/Syndications

I've got cash but less time/no time and want to get on the strong returns and low risk real estate offers.


Several years ago, after years of purchasing overpriced properties off the MLS and battling it out at auctions, I set out to find a better way to purchase investment properties with built-in equity and clear title for myself, my friends, and my business partners.

Now, our local Wyoming-based real estate investment company is able to generate solid lead flow Off-Market properties in Laramie, Cheyenne and we recently expanded across the state to Casper, Wheatland, Sheridan, Buffalo and Gillette.

Incredible Numbers

Combined Years of Experience

Our Team has been around the block.


Cash on Cash Return

We target deals that generate a minimum of 25% cash on cash.  

Projected Closed Deals in 2021

Our aggressive marketing and hardworking team have big targets in 2021. 


Our Vivid Vision

Gregersen Properties is not just a real estate investment trust or large syndication, not just a wholesale company or intermediary, not a property flipper and not a property management company or real estate brokerage. We are all of these, integrated into one. 

This promotes synergy, drives profits and increases margins by allowing us to be more competitive than other organizations that focus on these individual spaces. We are a privately owned company with a lean and dynamic staff that operates in Wyoming and Texas and is expanding to other markets.

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